What is an abstract and how to write it in a research paper?

What is an abstract and how to write it in a research paper?

By Sydney Liu 0 Comment June 5, 2019


While writing any academic paper, it is essential to write an abstract. In all conditions, the abstract is that aspect which is written in the second section of a research paper. It should be a complete self-contained text and independent, and there is no need for any expert to copy the dissertation.

What is an abstract in a research paper? The primary purpose of the abstract is to write all the main outcomes and aims of the research. It provides help to those people who may not read the whole paper; through this, they can understand the research. The easiest way of writing an abstract is to reproduce the structure of the extensive work; it also helps in making the miniature essay to a more extended essay.

Most of the students want some tips for writing an abstract. So there is no need to worry about writing an abstract it is a simple concept if you know the actual meaning of abstract.

Tips for writing an abstract in a research paper


The entire abstract may not contain the same elements. If your research structure is different than you can write the abstract in the course of a process of the reverse outline. For each section, you need to write all the keywords and one or two sentences which summarize the central point or argument. Through this, it will help you in giving the framework to the conceptual structure.

  Read other Abstract

The best way of writing the abstract is to read the abstract of another person, which will help you in getting ideas. Through this, you can make your own abstract. You can also check the format of abstract from the online sites of the thesis.

 Write clearly

A good abstract should be short but impactful. Make sure that write it in word counts. Each sentence may contain a central point which is easy to understand. Avoid unnecessary words which do not help helpful and also those words which need explanation.

Focus on research

You need to focus on your study by which your abstract is to report on the original contribution of research. Avoid discussion of other works which increase the length of the main content.

Thus, these are some tips for writing the abstract in a research paper. Make sure that the abstract is a, so it contains all the main aspects which you want to share.