6 tips for writing a conclusion in the research paper

6 tips for writing a conclusion in the research paper

By Sydney Liu 0 Comment June 5, 2019


The research paper is a concept which gives many knowledge and experience. There are two main elements of research paper one is introduction another is the conclusion. They both are inter-related with each other but have some different comments. The introduction performs the functions to introduce the reader from the topic. The presentation includes a hook statement and thesis. Whereas the conclusion is consist of all the central aspect of the topic. Here you need to add the entire thesis one again. Do some students want to know how to write a conclusion for a research paper? So as we have read in the above lines, it is an easy concept. You need to use such logic.

There are some tips for writing the conclusion for a research paper:

Rewrite topic

Write the meaning of the topic once again. No need to spend extra time in rewriting the topic. If you have written the introduction useful, then there is no need to put more efforts into conclusion. You also use a single sentence to restate the meaning of the topic.


The thesis also included in the conclusion. The hypotheses are used to put the central aspect of the topic. Try to use another concept to write the same belief in the outcome.

Main points

The points which you think that they are essential then make the short lines and add in conclusion. As it is the conclusion to try to keep the focus on words limit. The main points are for making the outcome understandable to the reader.

Close with logic

You can use different logics to sum-up the conclusion. It is not vital that you have to use only that concept which you have used in the introduction. As your logic is valid, then the reader makes an interest in reading.

Make a suggestion

At last, in conclusion, add your recommendation. What you think about the topic and what can the others do if they face any problem regarding the matter. Your suggestion is most important here because you wrote the content and make a research on the topic so you will know better than the reader.

 Avoid common aspects

If you have used some lines in the content, then you are not allowed to use them in conclusion. It is because your end looks boring.

So, these are some tips for composing the conclusion in the research paper. Try these tips and get the best research paper. This will engage the reader.