Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for College Students

I have been a college student on and off for the last five years. Numerous essays, reports, speeches, and tests are my focus for much of the year, and by the end of the semester I’m overloaded with homework, cramming for finals and I often have to use the dissertation writing services to finish of my tasks. I always tell myself that I will stay on top of my assignments next semester, but it never happens. College students, let us start the New Year off on the right foot.

10. Leave early. Plan to get to school thirty minutes early to find parking and to get to your classroom without any of the stress that comes along with running late.

9. Get to bed on time, eat breakfast, and PACK SNACKS to get you through a long day of classes.

8. If you know your day will be too hectic to do homework, vow to either get up an hour earlier than everyone in your household, or stay up an hour later. Trying to finish homework with multiple distractions only slows you down and makes it harder. Also try getting familiar with your school or public library. You’d be surprised how much homework you can get done away from home.

7. Dress to impress on test days. You will feel better about yourself, which may help you do better on you test.

6. Divide your reading assignments by the number of days until due, then read that amount every day. For example, you need to have 140 pages read in a week. Read 20 a day no matter what.

5. Do not get in a serious relationship with someone in your class. If things get ugly, it will make that class more difficult and you may end up dropping.

4. No more partying the night before an early class. The socialite should practice saying this until it comes out automatically, “I’d love to go out, but I have an early class tomorrow.”

3. Get phone numbers or email addresses from at least two people from each class. In case you absolutely have to miss a class, you can copy notes and/or get assignments.

2. Arrange and/or participate in study groups.

1. Go to every class and take adequate, legible notes.