Since this is a community site, we’ve unfortunately got to set some guidelines to discourage people from being a-holes. The monitoring of these rules are placed in your hands though. So if you see a posting or user that is violating site policy, it is up to you to flag it. The main thing is to be respectful, but here are the others guidelines.

Reasons for Flagging:

  • Spamming: Irrelevant content
  • Improper Categorization: Any posting that has been blatently miscategorized in an attempt for increased exposure will be removed.
  • Suspect Behavior: If you suspect a user may be trying to sabotage the system
  • Multiple Accounts: One user account per person, otherwise all associated user accounts will be banned.
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Impersonation
  • Blatant Obscenity & Hostile Behavior

Note: Flag selectively! Users whose flags have repeatedly been shown to be insubstaintial, or politically motivated, will similarly be reported for abuse. 

One more thing: 

We live in a complex world, and it’s often a struggle to comprehend the many intertwining forces at play. It is easy to become fixated on one aspect of the total picture, forming partial notions of the truth. Throughout history, civilization has repeatly held positions that time eventually proved erroneous. We hope that those who participate within the site will be willing to keep this in mind, and challenge their assumptions by considering stances that counter their own.