Our Intent

Vocal Nation provides a system for the free and open exchange of ideas from across the political spectrum. We hope the site encourages meaningful discussion, and will ultimately act as an incubator for some innovative ideas.

A Foundation in Thought
Every action extends from thought.  Our ideas have guided the course of human civilization for centuries.  They describe and influence the world around us.  For this reason, a healthy democracy vitally depends on the free and open exchange of ideas. These are so inextricibly tied that freedom of speech is one of the founding principles that the U.S. constitution seeks to protect. If we are to address many of the most profound issues threatening humanity today, it begins by first addressing the perceptions and ideals giving rise to them.
Redefining the Process

While the mainstream media has traditionally played the central role in the dissemination of political thought, that is now shifting. An ever growing audience is turning towards the Internet for a more decentralized and unfiltered approach to politics. The rise of the blogosphere has been a huge step in the evolution of this new medium. Blogs provide an outlet to anyone with an opinion, and they extend the political discussion beyond the 10-second sound bytes to which we’ve become so accustomed.

Vocal Nation is seeking to take the internet’s role in politics one step further by:

  • Allowing the community to collectively decide which postings are most worthy of recognition,
  • Providing a system to track bias opinions,
  • Giving some organization to the huge range of issues and perspectives that are scattered throughout the web, and
  • Providing an easy way to focus on local issues and events.

Vocal Nation attempts to level the playing field for all those involved in the political process: Bloggers, Organizations, Thinktanks, Scholars, Journalists, Corporations, Politicians, and Citizens.  Each individual will offer their own area of expertise, their own values, and their own biases.  As this site becomes established, certain categories or regions may become monopolized on one side of an argument. But this system was created to allow for the balancing of such trends.  If you feel that your particular perspective is under-represented, please speak up and get involved.  It’s through the representation of opposing ideas that the many facets of each issue will begin to emerge. If you value critical thinking and want to play an active role in improving society, this website is for you.