Enough Blind Allegence to the Parties

How can so many people have such blind allegiance to their parties?
Government is structured nowadays where each party caters so heavily to lobbying groups in order to get funding that it is no longer the people they serve, but the special interests: Oil, the Telcos, Pharmaceuticals. Yet so many people echo the party line like parrots. Instead of a government for and by the people, it has become a people for and by the government. I’ve often heard that the conservative philosophy is intrinsically distrustful of government, yet many conservatives have become apologists for one of the most bumbling hypocritical administrations in history. What happened to limiting the role of government, a strong respect checks and balances, and reigning back government spending?

Through our tendency to reiterate the party line, we have forced a dangerous polarization of the issues. And for those issues where the best solution is a moderate one, all parties involved suffer in the end.

So stop closing yourself off from the view at the other extreme. It’s ok to be both for gun rights and for the environment, to believe in both free healthcare and be anti-abortions, to support lower taxes and yet against unnecessary wars, or the inverse of any of these statements. And it’s ok to stop being one of the flock and to think for yourself.